Dr. Indira Hinduja, Honorary Gynaecologist (IVF and Infertility specialist), PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre . She is an Indian gynecologist, obstetrician and infertility specialist based in Mumbai. She pioneered the GIFT (Gamete intrafallopian transfer) technique resulting in the birth of India’s first GIFT baby on 4 January 1988. Dr. Hinduja delivered India’s s first test tube baby at KEM Hospital on August 6, 1986. She is also acknowledge for developing an oocyte donation technique for menopausal and premature ovarian failure patients, giving the country’s first baby out of this technique on 24 January 1991.

Dr Indira Hinduja follows a strict lifestyle :-

Her Daily Routine-

In today’s lifestyle our crazy, hectic, modern life, we’re inundated with choices. She usually start a day by 6.00 am collaboratively plan the day and make sure to get the most important work first. In her routines give a sense of control over her life and help her re-calibrate her psyche so she can be more efficient and she feel . Evening and morning routines lose all their power if they are kept vague. So she always try to stick to the decided schedules but of course it gets deviated when emergency cases need attention. If you really want to know how she start the operations before outpatient care and opd usually gets over by evening . She always like to confirm the wellbeing of morning operated patients so her work gets over after evening rounds.

Her idea of fitness and nutrition-

She is regularly go for morning walk and love the daily exercise which keep her fit enough. Exercise is a fun and enjoyable activity for her and she found that if you continue on a regular basis it will add something good to your life. As far as Nutrition is concerned she feel it should suffice your physical requirements as well as take care your psyche. So for physical health Good nutrition is basic for good health. Our body’s health reflects what we put into it. A healthy diet prevents malnutrition . Stay protects from diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. Today, many people’s diets consist of more saturated fat, trans fats, sugars, and more sodium than fruits, vegetables and dietary fiber which she feel not good and she try to avoid this. She try to eat 4 meals /day.

Her favorite cuisine-

Having tried all vegetarian different cuisine she like partial towards Indian cuisine. She find it tasty and she feel it meets your various daily dietary requirements , specially home made.

Her favorite holiday spot-

The maximum hours of a day she have to spend out of her house so if she get a holiday she like to spend it at home. If we ask her about other spots then she must tell you , she is a great nature lover. She like to be in nature’s lap, in bright sun shine, near the sea shore playing with the fresh breeze.

She have idea how create balance between personal and professional life-

To successfully walk the tightrope between professional and personal you need to understand where your priorities lie so everyday she prioritize whether her family needs her first or her clinic. Therefore, in a pinch or when faced with an urgent circumstance, you aren’t conflicted about what’s most important to you. You’d be surprised how much distractions are impeding on your time and productivity. If you are committed to the task whether it is at profession front or personal life and if you are capable to avoid distractions, It makes life easier.

Her role model-

Whenever she looked at her mother she could not realize that time but when she think about what she did and how she did it she becomes divine vital force to me. Her mother has taught her that hard times can be overcome with patience and that losing battles can be won with sincere efforts. She has taught her more than she could have learnt from any book. She still remember the way she handled the house when they had adverse situations. She was the person whom we looked upon and whole family could survive through the tough times. She cultivated all the values and morals in her life.

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